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    eTug PRO

    Italy-based Zallys®, a market leading manufacturer of Electric Material Handling Solutions since 1996, has partnered with Japan USA Precision Tools to be the Authorized Factory Agent, Importer and Distributor for the North America Market. The initial roll-out campaign launching now features the top-of-the-line Zallys Electronic Tug series that are very popular in many segments worldwide including Industrial, Stone, Glass, Waste and Logistics.

    eTug PRO is a new sales division of Japan USA Precision Tools (JUPT) focused on the Zallys product line.  https://etug.pro 

    Zallys Dumper Jet

    Zallys® Dumper JET Electric Wheelbarrows
    Less Effort….More Safety
    Semi-Automatic Lifting
    Capacity: 1,100 pounds
    Max Speed: 3 MPH
    Max Slope: 30%

    Katoro Patented Coil Spring Feeders

    Since 1953, Japan-based Kanto Electronics Co. Ltd has been developing & manufacturing Factory Automation Components and Systems. Solutions include automation & inspection equipment that service a wide range including vacuum tubes, cathode ray tubes, VFDs, auto parts, home appliances, medical devices and more. Our KATORO series features patented technology for Spring Feeders and Clean-Room Detachable Feeders.


    Socal Recycle System

    The Socal Recycle System SRS48 enables plastic scrap to be effectively recycled into durable pallets in popular sizes. We have a range of cost-effective solution offerings from recycling machine components to complete turn-key automated production lines, with project financing available. Switching to Recycled Plastic Pallets, US manufacturers and distributors can lower costs and improve their ESG Score to better satisfy investors and customers.


    SOCAL brand Cobot Tools

    Designed to Fit All Popular Cobots
    3 Types: Vacuum | Magnetic | Air Jaw
    Standard and Custom Designs

    • CNC Machine Tending
    • Pick and Place
    • Packaging
    • Quality Control
    • Palletizing

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    TAKEZAWA-SEIKI brand Diamond Reamer Tools and Floating Holders

    All bespoke / tailor-made-to-order in Japan. Takezawa Diamond Reamers & Floating Holders are all made-to-order in their factory in Tochigi Japan. The Takezawa Diamond Reamers range in size from 3/32″ to 6″ (2.5mm to 150mm) and are time-proven to deliver superior accuracy with extended tool life in demanding low-tolerance honing applications in cast iron, alloy steels, aluminum, bronze, brass & ceramics.

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    TREE TB-4 Taper Boring Tools– Taper Boring | Straight Boring | Facing | Outside Turning on Manual Mill Machines. Many popular applications including:

    • valve seats
    • draft angles
    • ball studs
    • pattern makers
    • valve manufacturers
    • pump manufacturers
    • US Air Force / Navy


    Precision machines & accurate made-to-order tooling for tight tolerance alloy steel & ceramic applications We currently feature Takezawa-Seiki brand Diamond Reamer Tools and Floating Holders. Takezawa Diamond Reamers are all made-to-order in their factory in Tochigi Japan. The Takezawa Diamond Reamers range in size from 3/32″ to 6″ (2.5mm to 150mm) and are time-proven to deliver superior accuracy with extended tool life in demanding low-tolerance honing applications in alloy steels, aluminum, bronze, brass cast iron & ceramics. In 2023 we also acquired all rights and IP to the legacy Taper Boring Tool, first made by TREE Machine in the 1950s. The TB-4 enables tapers to be machined on traditional manual vertical and horizontal milling machines. New for 2024, we are expanding our Automation offerings with Cobot Grippers and Specialty End Of Arm Tooling.


    US Sales/Support Office: 
    16809 Bellflower Blvd. #414
    Bellflower, CA 90706

    Japan Branch Office: Nishi-Yokohama 

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    ZALLYS Electric Tugs on eTug PRO  https://etug.pro


    Tokyo Sokuhan Gage Co. Ltd
    Sugino Drilling Machines
    Brother / Yuasa Tapping Machines
    Gilman Machine Slides & Spindles
    Shinwa Mil-Spec Packaging
    Abaco Machines Material Handling

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    Greg Wible | Managing Director
    Long Beach, California greg@socaldigital.us

    Greg has 28+ years of successful business development, marketing, sales & operation experience in global and local markets. Greg earned his BBA Marketing from the University of Cincinnati College of Business. Leveraging his experience of 100+ business trips to Japan, Greg founded Japan USA Precision Tools in 2022 providing B2B Marketing and Factory Representation services for Japanese and US manufacturers targeting the North America market. From 2018 to 2022, Wible was the General Manager of Abaco Machines USA, Inc, a $10MM per year importer and wholesale distributor of specialized material handling equipment manufactured in Vietnam and sold via a network of 200+ Distributors. In 2016 Wible founded SoCal Digital Agency, a B2B marketing & sales agency focused on Precision Machines and Smart Energy Metering. In 1986 he founded ECR Japan Inc, an automotive products importer and distributor based in Yokohama, Japan. Additional international experience includes roles as Export Sales Administrator at Toyota Motor Sales USA and Market Consultant for Toyota Tsusho Group.