Tree Taper Boring Tools

Manual Milling Machines: Taper Boring | Straight Boring |  Facing | OD Turning | Horizontal-Vertical

A favorite for pattern & mold makers for decades, popular TB-4 applications include:

  • Valve seats
  • Draft angles
  • Ball studs
  • Pattern makers
  • Valve manufacturers
  • Pump manufacturers
  • US Air Force / Navy Submarines
  • Feed Rate .005″ per revolution
  • Bore Internal Tapers Up to 10″ in Diameter
  • Outside Turning Straight or Tapered up to 8″ in Diameter with extension bar


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    • 1950-1980: The Tree Taper Boring Tool manufactured by Tree Machine Tool Co in Wisconsin

    • 1980: The Product Line purchased from Tree by Specialty Cutting Tools, Inc in Wisconsin

    • Spring 2023: Japan USA Precision Tools in California acquires all rights, engineering drawings and IP of the Tree Taper Boring Tool product line from Specialty Cutting Tools, Inc.

    •  Fall 2023:  Relaunch manufacturing the TB-4 Taper Boring Tool and Replacement Parts


Tree Taper Boring Tool User Videos